Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Finally, Greendot Corp Have Decided To Give Away The Moneypak Activation Code Components And Templetes To All Moneypak Users All Over The World So They Will Be Able To Make, Validate There Own Activation Codes, And Use The Codes To Receive Cash From PayPal or On There Credit/Debit Card. After Certain Amount Of Users Failed To Get There Activation Codes On Time Our Company Made a Few Changes To Collect Small Business Portions To Legalized This Law.

DEMOS: 8611-1761-9594-14

These Activation Codes Are Free. You Can Get These Codes Via Using Our Hacking Activation System And Validating It Into A Template Source. Once You Are Finish You Will Be Able to Generate As Many Moneypak Activation Codes You Want To Generate.

FINAL: Please Enjoy Using Our System To Gain As Much Users As Possible To Help This Webpage Grow Strong. Note: If You Need The Password pm or Email Me winer.bruce@gmail.com And I Will Give It To You or Feel Free To Buy It And Remember To Donate So I Can Keep This Website Alive. Thank You Too All Users And Services For Your Support In Making This Dream Come True.

Note from Terms of Agreement: You are aware that Greendot Corporation only allow 100 valid moneypaks to be downloaded though there main database and you are responsible for every download that is being counted. You are aware that you can only get 50paks out of 100paks that are being used by other buyers each month. You are aware that every month there is a new batch of 100paks, and that we are not responsible of how they are being purchased by other buyers. If You Have Any Questions, Please confirm and agree to our company terms at Greendot@corp.com.